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Introducing... button down shirts with no cleavage cut, wavy designs, and sparkly-dangling things. Not tight and tapered around your waist and hips. Simply, button down shirts that actually fit you. The way you want them to. Imagine how great you would feel. When you put on a shirt, look in the mirror and can say, "Hey, this looks very much like me."

The shirts you’ve always wanted. Now, they’re here. No more substitutes. The design and construction transformed the entire shirt experience. So it looks and feels incredibly perfect. To the smallest details. The best button down shirt designs ever. Fits your body. And your style. Everything you’ve ever wanted a shirt to be. Without any “extras” in the way. Now, that’s androgynous. When the design and fit is better, you feel better. And look better. 

The constructions of the shirts are carefully designed. The pieces of the shirts are hand sewn. All you see is a beautiful, great fitting shirt. When you don’t worry about the fit, you feel your best. Or awesomeness. Or like a celebrity. You’ll never look at shirts in the same way again.

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